The Canadian Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club (CPONC), in keeping with its aims of encouraging the development of high quality PONs, has adopted the following Code of Ethics to promote and foster the highest standards among breeders and owners; and to encourage cooperation in the improvement , advancement and protection of the breed.   All members in good standing with CPONC subscribe to and uphold this Code of Ethics.


Members shall bear in mind that a Code of Ethics is more than a set of rules; it is a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning and breeding.  Adherence to the spirit of such a Code is as important as adherence to its law.




a)      Breed only from pure stock that is physically and temperamentally sound.  No dog or bitch should be bred that is suspected of having any serious inheritable defect of disease.

b)     Breed ethically, always to improve the breed.

c)      Breed only healthy, mature bitches and studs of at least two years of age.  Appropriate hip clearances, either by Orthopedic Foundation for animals (OFA) , Pen Hip, or X-rays on demand.  An annual eye check and be certified normal by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) or an annual eye exam or report from a certified ophthalmologist marked normal for both eyes.

d)     A bitch should not be allowed to produce an excessive number of litters.  Sufficient time should be allowed between litters for her to recuperate.  It is recommended that bitches over the age of eight (8) years not be bred without prior examination, consultation and approval by an attending veterinarian.

e)     Exploit all reasonable means to determine that stock retained or sold for breeding purposes is free of inheritable diseases.




a)      Maintain a fair market price within your local area.  Such price should also be compatible with national sale prices.

b)     Be discriminating in the sale of pups and in the type of home in which they are placed.  No member shall engage in wholesaling litters, or in individual sales or consignments of pups or adults to pet shops, dealers, catalogue houses, raffles or fundraising events, no matter how charitable.

c)      Intelligently and honestly classify stock as show prospects of pet companions.  If in doubt, seek help from a knowledgeable breeder to classify the litter.

d)     Sell pups with either a "non breeding" or a "conditional non-breeding" clause in the sales contract.  The "conditional non-breeding" clause may be removed and changed to "breeding" in the eventuality that the PON meets the conformation standard of the breed and has an OFA hip rating of "Fair" or better.

e)     Avoid false or misleading advertising.

f)       Supply records to the buyer regarding inoculations, shots and deworming.  The breeder should also provide a health certificate, a written health guarantee and information on future care and feeding.




a)      Exhibit PONs whenever possible and encourage the presentation of high quality stock.

b)     Be willing to help the novice exhibitor and breeder.  Always use constructive and honest criticism.




a)      Shall refrain from unnecessary and un-constructive criticism of another person's dog and from personal attacks upon fellow members.


By signing below, you agree to:


a)      Comply with the CPONC Breeder's Code of Ethics and/or,

b)     Notify CPONC, in writing, of your intent to withdraw from this Agreement or participation in the CPONC Breeder's list.




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